ProSegway is one of the few, authorized multi-location Segway tour companies

Multi-location partners must have the experience, capital, management team, excess liability insurance, parts inventory, diagnostic equipment, credentialed Level-2 service technicians and Certified tour guide trainers. Our Certified Trainers train and annually re-certify each Segway tour guide.

Segway Tours--A "top 10" excursion

Segway tours are one of the leading tourist activities across the globe. The battery powered Segway Personal Transport (PT) is 100% green and quiet. Unlike a bicycle that leaves tracks in the mud, the soft (4psi) off-road Segway tires create less wear than a human foot.

Segway means "equality"

Segway tours are perfect for families, business groups and friends of any age and ability. Teenagers, parents and grandparents ride together from start to finish regardless of endurance

Guests who otherwise could not participate due to arthritis, strains, sprains or not being in the best shape can travel effortlessly for miles. 

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Island Bucks Accepted

About :

Tour Live Oak forest, boardwalks over the salt marsh, alligator lagoons and an historic plantation

Vendor Recommends:


60-minutes (including training) at Honey Horn, a 70-acre nature preserve

A just for fun ride--no narration.


Our most popular tour.   

90 minutes (including training) exploring the entire 70-acre nature preserve. 

Slow paced, stop and go, narrated tour