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Park Plaza Cinema

Lucie and Larry have owned the Park Plaza Cinema since 2010 and have been happily married for a great number of years.

Since purchasing the Park Plaza Cinema they have renovated the theater and completely transformed it into a place many locals and visitors alike visit often.

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About Park Plaza Cinema:

Park Plaza Cinema is an independently owned theater in Hilton Head Island that plays mainstream new releases, has luxury reclining seats, and a fully stocked café offering bear, wine, coffee, and ice cream.

But what makes this movie theater a cut above rest is the presence of one of the owner’s two dogs, Annabelle and Antoinette. The dogs are a regular fixture of the theater, greeting customers six days a week and even making it into the theater slogan, “The Movie Theater With the Dogs.”


33 Office Park Rd #A232, Hilton Head Island, SC


(843) 715-0479

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