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ZipLine Tours

Get your Hilton Head adventure off the ground! Are you game?

Fly with us on an exhilarating two-hour eco-adventure zipline tour! You’ll start low and slow and get higher and faster as you continue zipping through the trees all while catching views of Hilton Head’s beautiful massive live oaks and commanding pines, and the charming boats, fantastic birds, and playful dolphins out in the glistening Broad Creek.

Our zipline tour is fun for the whole family and our friendly, encouraging, and entertaining (or so say our TripAdvisor reviews, but we’ll let you be the judge) guides are there with you every step – and zip – of the way. If you’ve been searching for a must-do, family-friendly activity in Hilton Head, you’ve found it!

Come see for yourself why our zipline tour is one of the best family-friendly activities in Hilton Head! After the first time you’re hooked to a zipline, we know you’ll be hooked on ziplining and won’t be able to wait for your next vacation in Hilton Head to try it again!

About :
  • 8 interconnected ziplines with heights up to 75 feet
  • 2 suspended sky bridges
  • Aerial sky staircase
  • Feel free to bring a drink or a snack but there's no time for a big lunch, the kids will be too busy having fun.
  • Grand finale 900 feet dual ziplines!

Things to Know Before You Go:
  • Advance purchase is highly recommended. We tend to sell our quickly!
  • Please review our Requirements & Policies prior to booking
  • Typical Duration: 2 Hours
  • Ages: 10+ years
  • Weight range: 80 pounds to 250 pounds
  • Each tour accommodates up to 8 participants
  • Each tour is guided by two of our professionally trained guides
  • Age restriction is based on course. All participants must meet age, height, and weight requirements to participant on the different courses.
  • Have questions? We have answers! Visit our FAQ page.