Book confidently with our
"No-Risk" Guarantee!

You can book your vacation confidently with us! With our "No-Risk" guarantee, you may cancel without penalty by notifying us within 24 hours from the time that your booking and purchase is finalized. You may also reschedule your package at any time prior to 72 hours before your check-in date without penalty.


Questions? Call our Guest Services Helpline!

Our Reservations & Check-In Process

Our reservations and check-in process is very simple! Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Choose your location from the "Destinations" menu and submit a package booking request

Step 2 - One of our qualified vacation representatives will contact you to confirm and complete your reservation

Step 3 - You will receive your "Welcome Package" in the mail in several days - this package will include all of your confirmation information, as well as directions to our welcome center.

Step 4 - Upon arrival in your vacation destination, you simply need to stop by our welcome center, where you will receive your hotel check-in information and directions, if necessary. You will confirm your preview time at this juncture.

Step 5 - On the second day of your trip, we ask that you attend a short, 90-minute personal guided preview of our partner resort. This no-obligation presentation will familiarize you with our partner resorts and the many amazing vacation opportunities they can provide to you!

Step 6 - After your preview is completed, we will issue you your cash certificate, good at any restaurant, attraction, and business in your vacation destination and you will be off to enjoy your vacation!